For those of you who are beginning a business or to present business owners, the rules surrounding employment law can get very complex when you are looking to employ other people. However, as hard as it may be, it is essential for you to become familiar with these rules in order to comply with you legal responsibilities as a company. Different laws will apply to various nations, so it's vital to become aware of the laws that are going to be relevant to you so that you could protect your organization and prevent any future lawsuit. Below are a few main regions of employment law you will have to be acquainted with.
Contract of Employment
It will be essential to give your workers with a written statement of the conditions of job when they begin their employment with you. The principal topics you would need to account for within the conditions of job, include, the title of the parties to the agreement, job description, hours of work, details of cover, both employer and employee obligations, location of work and vacation pay entitlement. Though this list is not complete and you may want to add a few additional terms which could be relevant to your business. This ensures both you and your employees are fully aware of the obligations under the contract of employment.
It is important to become aware of discrimination laws, as compensation awarded for unlawful discrimination can be high. As an employer you need to do everything that you can to prevent unlawful discrimination in your place of work. Don't discriminate against someone due to their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or even if they have a certain disability. This can also apply when you are marketing and interviewing candidates for job roles. You need to pick those candidates based on the specific skill required for that job. Attempt to ensure that you provide equal opportunities to all of your workers.
Vicarious Liability
As a company, you will be legally accountable for the actions of all of your staff. So it's important to take any complaints of bullying or harassment from other employees seriously and investigate them thoroughly. Ensuring that you have a grievance process in place for dealing with these sorts of problems are also useful.


Minimum Wage
In some countries, employers are under a legal duty to pay their workers the national minimum wage. Ordinarily, this is worked out based on the employees era and what year they began employment with you.
Health and Safety at the Workplace
It's the employer's responsibility to guarantee a safe, working environment is preserved for the majority of employees and members of the people who enter the premises. It's thus wise to perform a comprehensive risk assessment of the work place as well as for each employee and comply with safety and health regulations, to avert any negligence claims. The evaluations you opted to carry out will depend on the nature of your enterprise, even simple tasks such as ensuring spillages are cleaned up, indications are put clearly indicating any potential dangers, providing protective clothing and keeping toxic substances appropriately will help to prevent negligence claims.

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